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Let Your Freak Flag Fly & Find Your Tribe Online  

I used to think I was too unconventional for the world of business.

I used to poo-poo the business majors for lack of artistic self-expression over the years I earned my Arts Degree in English Literature with a minor in Japanese at the University of Georgia. 💩

All I wanted to do is write novels, craft jewelry, and travel the world teaching English As a Second Language (ESL)...

I started my first creative business.

And I discovered that there is nothing on the planet that requires more creativity, self-expression, and self-improvement than running your own business!

Every artist has to make a living & that means learning the art of marketing. I fell in love with marketing. 😍

I became a social media manager and I closed the handmade jewelry business in e-commerce that I'd run for 8 years. I wanted to be able to travel the world as a pet-sitting digital nomad - and work from anywhere! ✈️

But it took me a few more years to outgrow my ugly duckling impostor syndrome & not want to hide behind the snacks table at local networking events...🦢

Melbourne Marketing Mentor Groove Funnels

I discovered that you don't find your place in life - you create it. 

And there is nowhere this is more a #truthbomb than with an online business. 💣

You've got to create your niche, speak the language of your people, repel evangelical Christian nationalists, er, I'm mean the people that don't get you, & market the shiz out of your product or service in a way that dropkicks your competition off the stage. *Whew*

Marketing is a big-ass, long-haul game but I'll whisper in your ear the secret that makes my inner-geek girl go all anime-eyed about it...

Marketing is part passion + part science.

Match a meaningful message with a data-driven strategy and it will spawn magical results!